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Residents and Visitors

All of the multilevel facilities are operational 24/7 and customers pay only for the time they have used. All parking is paid hourly; however, monthly parking permits are available for the University, Wharf and Spruce Street parking Garages. There are 900 monthly permits issued in the Parking Garages and have cost savings up to 80% when compared to paying a daily rate.


It is important to note that the University Avenue facility is usually fully occupied between the hours of 9:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m., and begins to empty after 2:00 p.m. The Spruce Street facility (located by the Public Safety building), however, usually has anywhere between 60 and 80 spaces available for parking at all times. It is a short walk from these facilities to the Downtown campus and students are encouraged to take advantage of the available space. The Spruce Street and Wharf garages are $.75 an hour. The University Ave. garage is $.75 per hour from 6am to 6pm/ $1.00 per hour from 6pm to 6am; however, permits are sold by the semester for students wishing to park in the University, Spruce, and Wharf facilities. Prices are as follows for Fall and Spring Semesters:

  • Storage/covered & uncovered, 24/7 parking in University Garage and Spruce Street Garage - $575/semester
  • Storage/covered & uncovered, 24/7 parking at Wharf Street Garage - $450/ semester,
  • University Garage and Spruce Street Garage day only - $325/semester (5:00am to Midnight)
  • Wharf Street parking, day only -$225/semester (5:00am to Midnight)