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The Morgantown Parking Authority works closely with Main Street Morgantown, The Metropolitan Theatre, Bo Park, The Morgantown Theatre Company, WVU, MHS and UHS as well as various other groups in the Downtown to provide affordable flat rates for various events in the City of Morgantown.  Event Parking will be located in one of or all of the Morgantown Parking Authority garages with the exception of the Chestnut/Pleasant street garage.

Short Term Parking

Short Term parking is defined as parking at any Short Term meter for short periods of time during the day while conducting business in or visiting the City of Morgantown. Customers who park at a short term meter may not continue to insert money into the meter beyond the time allotted on the meter. Please be sure to read the rules posted on the meters.


SHORT-TERM SPACES (2-hr limit, 75 cent/hr)

Surface Lots

Fayette Street and Chestnut Street Lot B - 75 spaces
Pleasant Street and Spruce Street Lot C -  65 spaces
Chestnut Street and Forest Avenue Lot E - 63 spaces
Spruces Street (across from Library) Lot F - 39 spaces


Street Parking

Brockway, Chancery Row, Chestnut, Fayette, High, and Walnut Street

Long Term Parking

The Morgantown Parking Authority also provides Long term parking lots and garages for the parker who needs to be in the Downtown for an extended period of time. In the Long Term lots customers may park up to ten hours and in the garages they may park up to 24 hours.


LONG-TERM SPACES (10-hr limit, 75 cent/hr)

Surface Lots

Pleasant and Chestnut Street Lot D - 67 spaces
Fayette Street (rear of Spruce Street Church) Lot F - 24 spaces
Willey Street (Trinity Church) Lot G - 38 spaces
North High Street (Wesley Church)Lot J - 38 spaces
Ruby McQuain Park—19 spaces
Spruce and Forest Street Lot O - 41 spaces

Street Parking

Foundry, Grant, McLane, North High, Prospect, Reid, and University