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Vehicle Impounding Procedures?


Morgantown Parking Authority Enforcement officers shall scofflaw vehicle plates for outstanding parking citations within the City of Morgantown. When it is determined that a vehicle has two or more outstanding parking citations, either through the Morgantown Parking Authority, the Municipal Court or both departments combined the Enforcement officer will call the parking office for an amount owed. The parking office after looking at the payment history, looking for any payment arrangements or special circumstances will then inform the officer whether a vehicle should be impounded or not. If it is determined that the vehicle is eligible to be impounded it will then be immobilized and or towed at the owner’s expense. (Article 365.11, Ordinance 99-01 of the City Ordinance)

Payment and Release of Boot

Once a vehicle has been immobilized or towed the owner or driver of the vehicle shall in addition to all fines and penalties pay the Morgantown Parking Authority the sum of forty-five dollars ($45.00) for administrative costs for immobilizing the vehicle. 

Please do not attempt to pay your outstanding parking tickets online once the vehicle has been immobilized. Follow the instructions on the warning placed on the vehicle. If you do pay online, it is your responsibility to present proof of payment in order to get the vehicle released. 

No unauthorized person shall move any vehicle that has been immobilized prior to obtaining a proper release form from the Morgantown Parking Authority or the Morgantown Police Department dispatch.