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Handicap Parking?

Handicap Parking at Meters (WVU HC Permits are Not Valid, Only State Issued Permits)

Accessible Parking at Meters (WVU Accessible Permits are Not Valid in Cty accessible spaces, Only State Issued Permits)

Handicap Parking – Accessible parking is provided throughout Morgantown in surface lots, street meters, parking garages, and residential neighborhoods. All accessible spaces are well marked with proper signage. To be eligible to park in an accessible space, you must have a state-issued parking permit or a permanent state-issued accessible license plate. In addition, the person to whom the accessible permit was issued must be present in the vehicle to use the permit. 

If you have a state-issued accessible permit and park in an accessible space with a parking meter, you must place money in the meter.

WVU Handicap Permits – WVU issues Handicap permits to be used only on WVU property. These permits cannot be used in any other handicap spaces in the State of WV.